A Most Pervasive Marketing Fallacy

I just read another marketer’s blog post on how none of the advertising during Super Bowl XLVII managed to get an emotional reaction out of her. My own post on “who won the Super Bowl of advertising” this year, you can read here. And one of the comments she received was “yeah! It was just […]

The ONLY Super Bowl XLVII Ad You Had ANYTHING To Learn From

This post modified from a response I left on Manta Connect, a small business forum. Since you run a small business, the only Superbowl ad I felt you had anything to learn from (and realistically, there were a lot of opportunities they missed) – was T-Mobile’s “We Killed The Long Term Contract” ad. If you […]

Your Best, Most Profitable Prospects?

If you ask most small business marketing and sales coaches or consultants who your best prospects to sell to are, they’d likely give you one of two answers: current clients/customers or referrals. One reason they say this is the Know/Like/Trust factor. As networking expert and author of Endless Referrals, Bob Burg puts it: “All things […]

Do You Make These Advertising Mistakes? (Part 1)

I don’t want to see you making some of the more common (and critical) mistakes most small business owners make when advertising their businesses, so I thought I’d make you aware as to what they are and why you want to avoid them. This way, you can make better informed decisions the next time you […]

3 Simple Tips To Sell More

What can you do to sell more during tough times? Here are a few simple tips that will help: Focus On Benefits Instead of Features or Even Advantages People want the benefits of owning or subscribing to something more than its features or advantages. What’s the difference? Your computer may have a 512GB hard drive […]

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