Would Your Clients or Customers “Vote” For You Again?

I just want to ask a few simple questions. And I’m not here to get you started on some heated debate about the nation’s politics.

I think many of us have had enough of that already.

But as today is Election Day, I want you to imagine yourself as running for re-election.

Re-election for what, you say? Well, for being the provider of choice to your clients or customers – for whatever it is they want or need from you.

Before you were “elected” the first time – you made some promises. Have you kept those promises?

And some time during your “term,” it’s very possible that a crisis or two occurred – that gave you an opportunity either to shine or to be criticized greatly for your actions.

(Granted, the leader of the free world has a lot more people watching, and will, in many instances, do both – that is, be a great shining example to one set of eyes, and a miserable failure to another – your constituents won’t be so varied.)

Did you shine?

If you may not have – did you see these as opportunities to turn negatives into positives, do better, and increase their appreciation for you?

And if you did do a good job – would you actively campaign to ensure “the love is still alive” and get them to re-elect you?

Because no matter how well you may have done – you’ll never be the only one running.

While I hope you’ll take to heart the lesson here for your own business and what your clients and customers experience with you, I also want to take a moment to remind you that your vote matters, and that this country can’t become what you want it to be without you speaking up.

I welcome your comments and questions below as well as your shares if you feel others would benefit from this post.

Marc Enriquez

"I blog for and coach small and medium sized business owners and entrepreneurs on marketing as his contribution to getting the economy back on its feet."

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